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Douglas Sells the Self Reliance Expo, A New Hope Emerges

For the survival and self-reliance world, 2017 was year of mixed emotions, and shaky business results.

For the millions of Americans that prepared for the worst, their fear seemed to melt away as soon as Donald Trump was elected. Others experienced the exact opposite feeling with threats from North Korea, Iran, mass riots nationwide and a shaky political climate.

A Coloradan’s Guide to Surviving the End of the World

Stockpiling food, water, and weapons on the off chance an apocalyptic event wipes out life as we know it isn’t generally regarded as rational behavior. This past December, however, the city auditor pronounced Denver’s government woefully unprepared to bounce back from a pandemic, terrorist attack, or other widespread emergency. Worst-case scenario: Hospitals will be overrun. Grocery stores and pharmacies will be picked clean. And—dear God, help us—iPhones will be dead. You’ll be on your own because, let’s be honest, the cavalry can’t save everyone.

16 Questions for Kiki Bandilla, New Owner of The Self Reliance Expo

For many people, the news that Ron Douglas sold the Self Reliance Expo was not exactly a surprise. Business was down, and no one knew if the expo could last.

Why the business seemed to falter confused most observers. Was it a lack of attention by the founder, or an industrywide downturn? Recently, the future of SRE under Douglas turned from confusion to clarity for two reasons.

The Upscale Way to Prepare for Doomsday—from $79,500 Teslas to $275 Jeans

DON’T CALL Nick Robbins a Doomsday prepper. Sure, Mr. Robbins, 50, a technology lawyer and general counsel for the Health Coach Institute, produces his own drinking water at his Phoenix home — a move often associated with people who hoard canned goods and watch YouTube tutorials on how to field-dress a wound. But, for the most part, it was health considerations rather than apocalyptic fears that inspired him and his fiancée to go off the water grid.

Self Reliance Expo Rebrands as The Self-Reliance Experience, Attracts Thousands

When the doors of the Self Reliance Expo opened to the public this weekend, attendees were the first to see the new brand and new management in action. What had grown into a traditional trade show model was transformed into the new Self-Reliance Experience, a vibrant event that attracted a wide array of fans.

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